A Couple of Big Wins

We all know that 2017 been one hell of a year, and it’s no different here at Rhinohub Digital. It’s a little-known fact that rhinos don’t walk backward – only forward. However, as we move forward into the new year and into new adventures, we can’t help but take a look back that the monumental year that we are leaving behind. 

Sierra Bags
  • A premier manufacturing outfit, Sierra Bags sells 100% Made in the USA, reusable, recyclable, and certified child-resistant cannabis packaging at wholesale prices at scale nationwide was able to up their sales revenue 10X after we completed a full rebrand, freshly minted website, and ongoing SEO campaign by yours truly — they’ve become a leading expert in the burgeoning cannabis industry.
Sala Family Dentistry
  • This local dentistry practice that gives back in a big way – so big that they’ve given our community $1,300,000 this last year. Rhinohub has been integral to their marketing play to elevate their brand recognition and share their story through a solid website and digital presence, to boot (go ahead and Google “Reno dentist”). We also provide visual storytelling through videos shot and produced in-house by Rhinohub, supplemented with well-crafted social media campaigns.
The Push
  • The indomitable Grant Korgan has relied on our team for keeping on brand, digitally and offline, to further share his amazing life journey. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to meet Grant and his lovely wife, Shawna, you’ll understand that he’s someone with incredible depth, endless humility, and so much stoke. When you speak with him, you’re without a doubt leaving with a smile on your face, which is why we’re so pleased to support him with our continued services for his soon-to-debut documentary, The Push. Lookout for his biopic film during his coming 2018 film festival tour. Watch The Push Trailer.


We appreciate all our partners (clients) and, after having strategic outlook meetings, 2018 is going to be an exciting year!

Other Rhino Insider News

Jonathan Barragan and Cody Knight joined Ronnie Parker to become full-fledged partners in Rhinohub Digital. With years of combined expertise in the digital advertising field, a strong showing of leadership, 2018 is in for a major disruption in the region and beyond.

Google Partner Certified & Official Badass

As for our own rhinos’ milestones, Jonathan passed all his Google Certifications to well-position our agency’s proficiency and expertise in the full Google suite that we use to boost our clients’ marketing efforts continuing their successes online.

Code Lines On My Mind

Luke delivered about 302,933 lines of code over the past couple of months to bring some really amazing and innovative websites to life. So, yeah, he’s going on a well-deserved vacation for a week to recoup.

Quite the Social Life

Our latest hire, Kathryn, has been running all around town gathering all of that great engaging content that has been bringing our clients’ brands to life all over social media. Plus, she’s been keeping us in line and making sure we’re always creating the most interesting and typo-free copy.

A Creative & His Trusty Sidekick

Cody has been really busy working on some truly awesome design, video, and photography that is like nothing else you’ve seen. But we think his biggest milestone this year was bringing in Rexie the Pudelpointer to join our team. She’s exponentially increased morale and productivity around here, so we’ve awarded her the title of “Employee of the Year.”

What’s the Big Idea?

It’s no secret that Ronnie’s creative mind is one that can’t be beaten, and his leadership skills have directed us in a direction that we are just so stoked to be moving in. And while 2017 was one kick-ass year,  he already has some amazing plans for the upcoming year for the company and our clients. While we’d, of course, like to brag about them, you’ll just have to wait and see as we keep making moves.

Rhino Fact

A pack of rhinos is officially referred to as a crash of rhinos. Brings a whole new meaning to the saying, “Come crash at my place.”

New Year, New Digs!

Beginning early next year, we will move to our new annex of office space (same building, just more room for activities). It will come with ample space to create more amazing content for our clients all under one roof. Plus it gives us a little more space for a few more people…did we mention we are hiring? (Check out our opening for a Production Artist).


Respectfully yours,
The Rhinohub Fam-bam

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