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Cannabis Branding

Cannabis is now legal in many U.S. states with more expected to follow. This has led to a rapidly growing industry selling the product—whether for recreational or medical use. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in dispensaries in Nevada and can tell you that on any given day you can see people from all walks of life. From young to old to self-proclaimed hippies and bankers. This is where it gets interesting. How can we make the case for your product to all these different factors? Is it for recreational use? Does your product have a focus on heath? On top of all that, what is the difference between Cannabis and CBD? Even more complicated, what about all those old stereotypes that can still put a black cloud over the industry as a whole?

The answer, BRANDING! Which is so much more than just a logo. We at Rhinohub look at it as if it is a bottle of you favorite wine. The cork has to do many things in the life of a bottle of wine. Most importantly, it has to protect it until open. Branding is all the good stuff that’s inside the bottle with all the love, care, and expertise that goes into that final glass of wine. Ultimately, the first sip confirms the branding experience.

Shelf space is becoming so important in dispensaries and your brand needs to stand out to consumers. But there is another important influencer that your brand needs to stand out too, and that is the people behind the counters working and the dispensaries. Your brand needs to be able to help make their decisions making easier. Simply put, your brand needs to tell your BIG/LITTLE, RED/BLUE, YOUNG/OLD, story.

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