Making Google Plus Work For Your Brand

Google Plus may change your mind about the priority of social media platforms.

With 540 million monthly active users, Google+ is now the second most popular social media network on the Internet. Google+ gives you the platform to combine your social media presence with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Once you see the potential in how people search for your brand, you will begin to understand the vast importance of having a Google+ page for your business. Here are some ways Google+ can work for you:

1. Search Marketing: By setting up a G+ page for your company, you expand its visibility for searchers. In practicality, your company’s profile image, recent posts, and number of followers are eligible to show up on the right-hand side of Google search engine results pages when it is relevant to the searchers query. This will increase the number of potential customers viewing your content.

2. Email Marketing: Google+ is fully integrated with other very popular Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Customers and prospects that receive email from you in their inbox will have the opportunity to follow your company right from their email account.

3. Pay-Per-Click: Research has been shown that Adwords ads with social annotation average about 5-10% more click than ads without social annotation. An example of a social annotation would be the number of followers your Google+ business page has. Every +1 that you receive on your Google+ page is applied to your AdWords ads.

4. Google Hangouts: Google+ allows you to interact with anyone else who is on Google+. It can be used creatively, as well. Promote new products or simply just to interact with your customers. It has endless potential. It is also integrated with YouTube, which can be used to post the hangouts after you record them for later viewing.

Overall, Google+ is definitely worth a second look, even if it is just for the boost in rankings. If you take full advantage of the resources that Google has put in place, it could result in a significant increase in traffic to your website. RhinoHub can help enhance your company’s visibility on search engine results pages, more readily gain followers via Gmail, and increase click through rates for your Adwords ad campaigns.

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