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Communicating with Your Designer

Dear Client,

Sometimes we’re not going to understand each other. I know, it’s been going so well. You can’t imagine a time when we’d be arguing over silly things like where to place that button, what picture to use, or how to make your design pop.

But the honeymoon phase can’t last forever.

You know what though, I’m glad for that. Once the honeymoon phase is over, that’s when the real relationship starts. That’s when we’re going to be tested. That’s when I’m going to get to know you and your business. The real you. And that’s when you’re going to get to know me, the real designer.

So before any roadblocks start popping up, let’s try and figure out how best to deal with them. I’m going to try and bridge the gap between us. I’m in the land of web development, digital design, 1s and 0s. You are in the land of taking over the world, and you’ve done so by making tough decisions; making things happen.

I’m going to help you make even more things happen. I’ll help you reach your goals and branch out into new territory. But be patient with me. I can sit in front of that computer for days. But when it comes to making small talk, let alone the nitty gritty aspects of what you really want, I may fumble for words.

With Love,
Your Web Designer

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