New Instagram Feature: Helping Brands Tell Their Story

//New Instagram Feature: Helping Brands Tell Their Story

New Instagram Feature: Helping Brands Tell Their Story

Here at RhinoHub, we’re all about storytelling. A memorable story is what makes a great brand. That is why we’re so excited about the carousel, one of the new Instagram features.

Prior to this feature, you would only be able to post one photo at a time for your audience to engage with. Today, Instagram made it possible for you to post 10 photos or videos at a time that your followers can swipe through like a carousel when scrolling through their feeds.

Gone are the days where you have to stress about posting that one perfect photo or video from your experiences, now you can post them all. Instead of posting one photo and writing a lengthy description, you can post multiple photos to share your story.

A variety brands can take advantage of the new Instagram feature. A hair stylist can give a step-by-step hair tutorial. Mechanics can show the process of how to change your oil. Tutors can show the steps in solving that extra tricky math equation. The possibilities are endless.

In today’s day-in-age, visual content is key. This brings a whole new aspect to a visual storytelling strategy and we can’t wait to play around with this new Instagram feature.

What do you think? Do you think this can help with your social media strategy? Share with us!

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