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Words to consider

Using Instagram To Drive Sales

Surprisingly, there are still companies out there that believe social media is an unnecessary tool in their marketing strategy and that it won’t drive sales. Just like you should have a website…

It’s Going SEO, SEO

How to Check if Your SEO Contractor is Doing Their Job

One of the most disappointing things I’ve seen when reviewing a site is poorly done SEO, or search engi…

Strange Bikinis

We Love Strange Bikinis!
Ali Conway exemplifies the word inspirational. Her designs go beyond fashion by helping women feel comfortable in one of the most intimidation outfits – the bikini…

Silence Is Golden

WordPress and the Index.php File

Normally, I would tell you to not even look at even think about the index.php file. But we all know that it’s impossible to n…

Making Google Plus Work For Your Brand

Google Plus may change your mind about the priority of social media platforms.

With 540 million monthly active users, Google+ is now the second most popular soc…

Make It Pop

Communicating with Your Designer

Dear Client,

Sometimes we’re not going to understand each other. I know, it’s been going so well. You can’t imagin…