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WordPress and the Index.php File

Normally, I would tell you to not even look at even think about the index.php file. But we all know that it’s impossible to not think of something once someone brings it up. So let’s get into it.
Usually, it’s normal to not only touch the index file, but demolish it with beautiful code. That is only the case for HTML sites though. HTML sites are brilliant in their simplicity, and WordPress sites are elegant in their complexity. That’s why with any WordPress site it is always best to proceed with caution. And it’s good to start with your index file.
I know you want a gorgeous, customized site. But in order to make your site not only work but be dependable, you need to leave that index file empty. When you leave the file as it is, you are allowing the content management system, or CMS, of WordPress to do its job.
WordPress not only wants to make your job easy by being dynamic, it needs to be that way to function. When you change the index file, you are changing that dynamic functionality.
The minute you type those opening php tags into the index.php file, you are destroying the ability to set your front page within the CMS to a particular static or blog feed page. You are also leveling the functionality WordPress offers to change the meta description within the General Settings. Additionally, if you ever want to take your SEO, or search engine optimization, a step further and use the magnificent plugin, YOAST, you won’t be able to change the page meta title and description with a tampered index file.
So if you are familiar with php or html, and think it might be easier to stick with what you’re familiar with, please don’t. Take that leap. Look up a few tutorials on making a WordPress site. I highly recommend Lynda or even some highly reviewed videos on YouTube. You will be saving yourself a lot of stress and money in the future. At that point, if you are still not sure on how to approach this site build, feel free to contact us.

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